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 Mandated  Follow-Up and Documentation

Asthma Visit Report

Quickly provide required information to parents and health care providers after a school asthma visit

24 Hour Follow Up Reminder

In many school districts, a  check-up is required 24 hour after Standing Delegation Order Use. 

Understanding Spacers

LiteAire spacers may be reused by a student for 1 week. After that, they may be sent home as a teaching tool with this educational handout

After A Breathing Treatment: What Families Need to Know

Easily provide  the information that is critical for families to know after a breathing treatment at school.  

Related Documentation Per New Legislation
*This is not a comprehensive list. Please refer to the current SDO to understand what documentation is required

Primary Care Provider Referral

Use to refer students who do not have an asthma diagnosis on file to their primary care provider on the day they have been administered respiratory distress medication

If respiratory distress medication is administered to a student whose parent or guardian has not provided notification to the school that the student has been diagnosed with asthma, the school must refer the student to the student’s primary care provider on the day the medication is administered and inform the parent or guardian about the referral.

Reporting of Respiratory Distress Medication Administration

For administers of inhalers to report information regarding a recent respiratory distress medication administration event to a school district, physician, and health services commissioner

Not later than the 10th business day after the date a school volunteer or personnel member administers medication for respiratory distress to a person experiencing respiratory distress, the school must report the required information to the following

  • School district, charter holder if the school is an open-enrollment charter school, or governing body of the school if the school is a private school

  • Physician or other person who prescribed the medication

  • Commissioner of state health services

Standing Order for Prescription of Respiratory Distress Medication

Use to obtain prescriptions for medications of respiratory distress, with the approval of a physician or individual with prescriptive authority

  • Physician or person delegated prescriptive authority may prescribe (...) medication for respiratory distress in the name of a school district, open-enrollment charter school, or private school

  • Physician or person with prescriptive authority shall provide the campus with a standing order for the administration of the following

    • (...)

    • Medication for respiratory distress to a person reasonably believed to be experiencing respiratory distress

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