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About Us


Asthma 411 is a comprehensive, evidence-based program in Tarrant County provided by a large group of health care partners. Asthma 411 provides resources for school nurses to help children who have trouble breathing. As part of the program, a school nurse can give a breathing treatment to a child who is struggling to breathe while at school.

Asthma 411 also provides learning tools for schools and families. These learning tools help children and families understand asthma better. When families understand asthma better, they can help their child feel more in control of breathing and improve asthma symptoms.

Program Goals

The 3 Steps to Asthma 411

Step 1: 

Ensure every child has access to rescue medication at school through a school-district consulting physician and standing orders for albuterol: With the right tools, a school nurse can quickly assess a student that is having difficulty breathing and provide relief, even when medication prescribed by the student’s health provider is not available at school. 


Step 2:

Build education and awareness to support students with asthma: We provide asthma education tools for children and families, professional development for health staff, and build awareness among coaches, teachers, and administrators for asthma-friendly environments. 


Step 3:

Improve asthma management by linking children and families with community services: We identify where resources are needed most and build links to services that support comprehensive management.

Participating School Districts

Asthma 411 is in 10+ schools districts across Tarrant County. If you don't see your school district on the map below, contact us to learn how your school can become a part of the program. 

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