Asthma Affects the Entire Family 

Asthma is one of the leading causes of student absenteeism and 911 calls to schools. It impacts students, siblings, and parents by increasing medical expenses and causing missed days of work.

Estimated Number of Kids with Asthma

With a student population of more than 350,000, it is estimated that the number of children with asthma in Tarrant County can be as high as 75,500. By age 14, fully 19% of the county's children have been diagnosed with the disease.


Asthma Can Be Controlled with Proper Management

With appropriate screening, diagnosis, education, and management, asthma can be controlled, reducing absenteeism and healthcare utilization.

Asthma 411 Wins Fort Worth Business Press'
2018 Healthcare Heroes Award

Tarrant County Judge/UNT Regent Glen Whitley and Fort Worth ISD Board President/Fort Worth SPARC CEO Tobi Jackson accepted the Fort Worth Business Press' 2018 Healthcare Heroes Award on behalf of Asthma 411. on February 8. 


Whitley and Jackson are  recognized for their advocacy for the Asthma 411 project and their efforts to spread the project across the county and cover more than 250,000 children.

Asthma 411 Reduces Absences
Asthma 411 Reduces Absences
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