Currently, school districts who have at least one school in Tarrant County, Texas may join Asthma 411. There are a few basic requirements to join:

  • Individual schools must be enrolled by their district, but not all schools in a district have to sign on. 

  • A district must have a consulting physician who will sign standing orders for the program.

  • Currently, schools where Asthma 411 is deployed must have a school nurse.

  • Schools must agree to share specific data with UNT Health Science Center for analysis of the program's effectiveness. A list of data elements can be found here.

  • Cook Children's has offered to supply nebulizers, tubing and medication to every school that signs up.

  • There is no fee to join Asthma 411.

Ready to join?

What Happens Next?

Once you return the district registration form, UNT Health Science Center will contact the individual you indicated to begin roll-out. Cook Children's is provided the information necessary to process and order equipment and supplies, and they are delivered to the district upon receipt.

We stay in contact with the district throughout its participation in Asthma 411 to help with data collection, barriers you encounter and questions you may have.

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Asthma 411 is a community effort provided through the collaboration of UNT Health Science Center, Cook Children's, and JPS Health Network