UNT Health Science Center and Fort Worth Independent School District conducted an Asthma 411 pilot program in two schools. The results were better than expected... 

The absenteeism gap between kids with asthma and kids without asthma fell by 51%
911 calls for asthma fell from 19 in one year to only one in the following TWO years!

Asthma 411 is a comprehensive evidence-based program that equips school nurses with the necessary training and resources to quickly respond to a child in respiratory distress.

With a physician's standing orders, a school nurse can quickly assess a student who is having difficulty breathing and administer nebulized albuterol to help the child breathe better. 

In collaboration with the school districts and schools, Asthma 411 staff members track attendance information and other data to prove the program's effectiveness. They work with with the district to use those data to generate state-mandated reports.


Continuing education training for school nurses is provided as part of the program. Additional programs for coaches, trainers, teachers and others in the school are under development.

Asthma 411 is provided through the collaboration of:

Tarrant County, Texas has asthma rates higher than state and national rates.

Asthma is one of the leading causes of student absenteeism and 911 calls to schools. It impacts students, siblings, and parents.

About 19% of children in Tarrant County are diagnosed with asthma by age 14.

Asthma 411 is an innovative, evidence-based program designed to keep kids in school.

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Asthma 411 is a community effort provided through the collaboration of UNT Health Science Center, Cook Children's, and JPS Health Network